1947 Brown & Sharpe #2 Universal Milling Machine

Creating unique objects of function and design is definitely exciting. Since the last blog installment I have had the pleasure of testing my new frame and fork. The light NON-ridiculously over sized tubing has proven to be comfortable and light and plenty fast.

Part of the fun of building cool bikes and other stuff is using cool tools for every part of the process. This can be anything from a file to a machine with moving parts. My favorite type of machine is a horizontal milling machine. In the shop we have four varying sizes of them from 150 lbs. to 4000 lbs. We use them often for various machining operations and they work particularly well for mitering tubes to mate to other tubes, for things like bike frames and ONYA trikes.

This type of machine was used for many other types of machining such as cutting long slots or making gears and spirals. The problem with finding old horizontal mills these days is they usually don’t have the attachments that are used with the machines to do these specific operations. Thanks to our associate Franco at Paragon Machineworks, we were turned on to the prospect of another mill made by Brown & Sharpe, one of the greatest tool manufacturers of the 20th century.

After a couple months of phone calling and waiting we got our hands on it, however this time we hit the attachment goldmine! In the pic you see all the tooling laid out that originally came with the machine in 1947. It is all in mint to new condition, and has a great new home in our shop. Look forward to future blogs focusing on what this gem of a machine can do….


  1. Jim Hill says:

    Fellow machinist connoisseur. I have a number of early Brown and Sharpe Milling machines and need your help. Do you have a fax machine so I can send you a picture of the milling head attachment that I need. It is for a 0 Vertical Spindle Machine made in 1900. I have the vertical attachment but it is missing the insert assembly. My cell phone is 301-529-8699

  2. george eddy says:

    I have the twin to this machine. Rescraped X way for one job we still use it (now and then. On that one job it does better than our CNC.

  3. i recently received a milling machine thath looks like yours but a much smaller model it has a 1/4 or 1/3 hp motor no id tag i m tring to identify this machine to buy parts i am a hobbiest thanks for any info jerry

  4. George Eddy says:

    Are you sure you are not looking at the coolant pump its 1/3 hp. The spindle drive is in back usually 5 HP behind door and generaly 3 PH .

  5. Hello y search a vertical no 40 milling head for brown and sharp number 2.Do you know were y find it?
    thak you

  6. I have a Brown and Sharpe #2 Vertical milling head with support i want to sell exactly as the one in the pic of the 1947 universal model shown. I have many end mill arbors and shafts I want to sell also.
    Thanks, Joe

  7. Hi Joe,
    Please contact me, peter@olekrestoration.com. We just bought a B&S #2 Horizontal Mill, and are interested. Pleaae send photos and prices. Thanks.

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