Hirschfeld Fabrications has worked with some of the Bay Area’s biggest companies and most beloved institutions, building custom hardware, prototypes, furniture, and sculpture for corporate clients. If you’ve been to the Exploratorium or the California Academy of the Sciences recently, there’s a good chance an H Fab structure was integral to an exhibit you enjoyed. H Fab has built a number of custom pieces for the California College of the Arts in Oakland. Mike Scaringe of CCA praises H Fab’s work as “the best furniture we’ve ever had custom made.”

H Fab has also built for Google, Autodesk, Facebook, Group Delphi, Mission Bell Manufacturing, Trefethen Family Vineyards, and many others.

But H Fab’s work isn’t just for corporate clients! Are you someone with an idea for a piece of custom furniture, landscape fixtures, or garden art you’d like to have in your home? Bring your drawing to the shop – even if it’s just a napkin sketch – and H Fab’s skilled fabricators will work with you to bring it to life.